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Monday, 18 February 2019



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Menu à la Carte Le Magnifique


Marinated Salmon with Orange and Fennel
Swordfish Parmesan
Fish balls
Codfish Fried with Carrot and Ginger Cream
Salad of Crustaceans with Fruits and Vegetables

Vegatable balls with tomato Gazpacho
Soufflé Asparagus with Speck and Taleggio Cheese
Eggplant and Buffalo Ricotta cheese rolls with raw Ham

"Le Magnifique" Appetizer
(Six courses of Appetizers served with bread)


First Courses

Tagliolini with Seafood Ragout and Pistacchio
Tagliolini Tuna, Olives and Lemon
Dumplings Salomon and Provola cheese
Paccheri pasta with Pork Cheeks and Codfish
Tonnarelli pasta with Shrimps and Asparagus

Tagliolini pasta with Ham, Mint and Lemon
Red wine Spaghetti with Radicchio and Almonds
Dumplings with Pork Cheeks, Rocket salad and Pachino tomatoes
Tagliolini pasta with vegetable and Ginger

Second Courses

Sea Bream Fillet in Potato Crust
Sea Bream Fillet in Zucchini Crust
Swordfish with Pistachios
Tuna on the Pan
Shrimps with Caramelized Orange Sauce
Millefeuille with Sea Bream, Zucchini and Olives
Crisp Salmon
Vegetable and Provola cheese Millefeuille
Bread and Herb Cheese Skewers
Eggplant Hamburger with Mushroom sauce

Pink Pepper Fillet
Grilled FIllet
Entrecote Radicchio and Balsamic
Sliced Fillet w/ Parmesan and Balsamic Vinegar
Strips of beef breaded with Balsamic Vinegar


Mixed Salad
Grilled Vegetables
Baked Potatoes



Peach Strudel
Hot Core Chocolate Soufflé
Cheese Cake
Lemon sorbet

Tasting menu

First Courses Menù

Mixed Appetizers made of six courses
Freely chosen First Course
A glass of White Wine (*)
Freely chosen Dessert

€ 23,50


Second Courses Menù

Mixed Appetizers made of six courses
Freely chosen Second Course
A glass of Red or White Wine (*)
Freely chosen Dessert
€ 28,50

(*) The glass of whine may be changed for a Coke or Beer




Müller Turgau (Casal Firmiano, Trentino)
Chardonnay (Fossa Mala, Fiume, Veneto)
Vermentino (Cannonau di Sardegna DOC, Olianas BIO)
Malvasia. Costa del Sole (Toscana)
Traminer Aromatico (Fossa Mala, Fiume, Veneto)
Sauvignon (Borgo Stajnbech, Bosco della Donna. Delle Venezie 2014)

Rosé Wine (Cannonau di Sardegna DOC, Olianas BIO)



Nero d'Avola (Terre Siciliane)
Indio (Montepulciano d'Abruzzo)
Montefalco (Napolini. Perugia)
Merlot (Fossa Mala. Fiume. Veneto)

Glass of wine